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10-Jul-2017 04:07

Whether you both love The Beatles or you have a shared affection for Fetty Wap, similar music tastes can be a great icebreaker.

It can also serve as a jump-off point for a creative date—just don’t spring for tickets on a big, expensive show while things are still new.

Just don’t plan anything too rigorous that will leave you both feeling gross and sticky.

“My female clients often tell me they feel self-conscious about getting sweaty on a first date, so pick something that’s active but not a workout.

For example, take her on a short hike,” suggests Edwards.

Stewart agrees and suggests activities like frisbee golf and slackline walking.

“Use cues from her profile to curate a meaningful experience,” advises Gina Stewart, a dating coach that specializes in the online scene.

“Not only does this show her that you’re paying attention, it will also create a better experience, which could be the seed that allows a relationship to grow beyond the first month.” To help you plan the perfect date for your Tinder match, we asked Stewart and Edwards to drum up some creative date ideas based on different elements of both your and your crush’s profile.

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The more times you swipe right, the higher your odds of finding a chick who’ll be into you, or at the very least, attracted to you.

But not all the stats associated with Tinder are promising—especially if you’re actually looking for something beyond a one-time hookup.

“Going to a huge concert venue would be too much too soon, but if you both have music in common, aim for some low-key live music nearby,” says Edwards.

“It's ideal if it's an unticketed event, that way you can pop in and say goodbye when it feels right, rather than committing to spending the whole night together.” If she’s all about those #sweatyselfies, show her you share her passion for a fit lifestyle by asking her out on an active date.

Ask her on one of these well-thought-out outings and you’re sure to set the stage for something long-term.